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The FUT Sniping Bot is a reliable and easy-to-use tool. It helps you to build up a lot of coins and get the most out of your in-game experience! The skilled developers behind the bot have masterfully engineered it with one key purpose in mind to empower every player, no matter what platform you're on, to make a ton of coins. This tool could be your key to making millions of coins. Don't miss out, take advantage of this game-transforming chance today!



Instant sniping and selling of players faster than any human.



Effortlessly earn hundreds of thousands of coins per day hands-free.



Cash in millions of coins towards building your dream team.


We help you generate coins in minutes

Our Sniping Bot works hard to earn coins automatically. With easy-to-use features and controls, it lets you customise your sniping to how you see fit. Simple enter your chosen settings, and let the Sniping Bot handle the rest.


Effortlessly Track your profits

Get notifications straight to your phone, so you know when you're making profit. You can also control the Sniping Bot right from your phone by sending a message through Telegram. Whether you’re at home or on the road, you can make coins anywhere.


show off your team to your mates

Start building your dream team now! Get your favourite players for the cheapest price. No need to pay ridiculous prices. Exactly how it should be.


More than just a Sniping Bot

Our all-in-one tool is here to make your life easier. It helps you solve SBCs, bulk sell items from your transfer list, and even uses Futbin pricing. Everything you need, it's got you covered. Making coins doesn't have to be hard. We make it easy.


Earn Money by selling your coins automatically through our tool

Turn your Sniping Bot into a passive income powerhouse by using our new Coin Selling feature. We've partnered with U7Buy so that you can automatically sell your coins in exchange for real money, with a few clicks from within our tool.

Our Core Features

Special features designed for your needs. With our features, you can snipe faster and better than any other tool!



Auto-buy items faster than any human



Auto-sell items immediately after sniping



View Futbin prices directly from the Web App



Set delay intervals to simulate human behaviour



Control your Sniping Bot from your phone using Telegram



Auto-bid on mass number of items



Get notifications straight to your phone



Smart features to prevent losing coins



Filter players by their rating


One-to-one Support

Have any issues? We've got you covered! Get help from our friendly, knowledgeable Sniping experts. Our customer service team is always ready to help with any problems you have, making sure you're happy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on multiple factors, such as your level of experience, market conditions, your luck on that particular day etc. Users who use the Sniping Bot regularly make an average of about 100,000 coins per day!

There are only 2 things required to start:

  • PC, laptop or a Mac
  • A FIFA account with transfer market access on the FUT Web App

This is a 1 time purchase and will grant you a license that lasts until the end of FC 24.

In most cases, you only need 1 license. However, if you're planning on using the Sniping Bot on multiple devices simultaneously, you will need more licenses.

At first, it may take some practice to get used to how everything works. However, once you've got the hang of it, you should be making tons of coins! Our staff are also always available to help out with anything or answer any of your questions through our Discord server's ticket support system.

With the great reward that comes with using this Sniping Bot, there also comes a small risk of getting banned. The most common consequence is a ban from using the Transfer Market, only on the FUT Web App and Companion App for the current FIFA title, where you would still be able to use the in-game transfer market. These risks can be minimized by following our recommendations.


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One-time payment


Access for the entire FC 24 title

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  • Potential to make millions of coins a day
  • Wide variety of useful tools
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